May 24th, 2011

Abb workouts

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After a lot of trial and error and trying lots of different workouts, guides and programs to get six pack abs only 1 actually worked and not only worked but worked in record time. You can check it out at the link below.

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May 18th, 2011

Abb workouts for men.

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The most effective abb workouts

Want to discover the most effective abb workouts? The American Council on Abb workouts decently uncovered the workouts that will target your abbs in the most effective way and will in return strengthen your abs quicker and harder in shorter space of time.

abb workoutsOne thing you will need to remember is that abb workouts should not be the core focus to loosing fat in your belly, combining these workouts with cardio with increase results in loosing your unwanted fat.

If you already have an athletic body and are looking for abb workouts for the sole purchase of building the muscle as appose to losing fat then cardio will not be necessary to you and you can just focus on the main abb workouts to strengthen those abs and make them noticeable.

When starting out your abb workouts you will always want to begin with the bicycle, which in my opinion is the ultimate exercise for working your rectus abdominis (i.e. the six pack) and strengthening the obligues (your waist), judging by the study on the best abb workouts.

Abb workouts starting with the bicycle

Lie with your back flat on the floor making sure your lower back is touching the ground at all times. Next you want to place your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers for this abb workouts. Now bring your Knees up off the ground at a 45- degrees angle and very slowly begin to perform a bicycle motion with your feet and legs, as your legs are performing this motion you want you arms to be corresponding to the opposite leg, so every time your left knees comes towards you, you are going to want to stretch out your right elbow and touch that knee with it and likewise with your left elbow you want to reach out and touch the right knee.

Lets go over that again in bullet points so you can get a better understanding of what steps to take while trying to perform abb workouts like this.

  • Lie down on the floor making sure your lower back is touching the ground at all times.
  • Place your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers.
  • Now lift your legs and upper back of the floor leaving the lower back the only thing in contact with the ground.
  • Begin a bicycle motion with your legs bringing one knee towards your chest while the other leg straightens out.
  • When your left knee comes towards your chest begin to twist your upper body to that the corresponding opposite elbow touches that knee (like in the picture).
  • Alternate this motion so first your left knee and right elbow come together and touch then your right knee and left elbow touch.
  • You will want to do this in 1-3 sets of about 12-16 reps each.

Important note about abb workouts like this.

When performing abb workouts like this make sure you have a sturdy composure and you’re not rocking about or falling forward or back, to achieve this make sure your lower back is comfortable on the floor and in a solid position then begin the exercise making sure you don’t rock. If you feel yourself starting to fall about then slow down the abb workouts until you can complete the exercise without wobbling at all. It’s better to achieve the abb workouts slower but correctly than faster and incorrectly.

Abb workouts – More tips for a solid six pack.

Here are my favourite top 3 steps that you can use to improve your abb workouts and get a killer 6 pack and solid abs in the quickest time possible.

  1. Your abs are actually divided into 3 parts, you have your rectus abdominous, transeverse abdominous and then you have what’s called your internal and external obliques. The most important thing to remember in your abb workouts is not to try and work all these at once, what you really want to do is effectively exercise these different muscles on separate days for maximum results.
  2. It is vital that before your abb workouts that you warm up your abs first otherwise what can happen is you could strain your abs, to avoid this just do some simple band resisted or very light weight assisted exercises to get your abs in the mood for hard core abb workouts.
  3. I have jotted down for you the correct order for your abb workouts.

If you are performing various combination abb workouts:

  • Begin with working your lower abs, you can do this with leg lift abb workouts or just some simple hip flexing movements.
  • Then you will want to move onto Training your external and internal obliques using either some side bending movements or even some rotation abb workouts.
  • Lastly you want to finish with a hard core workout with upper abs using exercises such as normal crunches, leg lift crunches, medicine ball exercises and classic sit ups.

Another important note on abb workouts.

When performing your abb workouts either to strip your belly fat or to build solid muscle you’ve got to mix it up. Doing endless crunches or pointless sit ups or even hundreds of mini sit ups with an ab roller with do absolutely nothing for you and will in fact have the reverse effect, your abs will used to and comfortable with those exercises and refuse to build upon the muscle. The key is constantly forcing your abs to do abb workouts and exercises it’s not used to doing and absolutely killing them every time, that’s what’s going to build muscle and only when you grasp that will you start seeing crazy results.

Four Great Abb Workouts for Men

Abb WorkoutsStrong abdominals are important in maximizing performance in both sports and regular fitness.  The abbs are essentially the visual center of the body and are the first area others (especially women) look at.  Men carry more fat in this area of the body than women do, and thus for men doing abb workouts to get them well-defined shows that you are physically fit.  All abb workouts for men involve doing some type of “crunch.” In other words you are pebbling your rib cage and pelvis closer together in one way or another.  With that said though there are a variety of abb workouts to choose from.  Here are four great abb workouts for men that will improve physique in no time.

Normal Crunches – Abb workouts

This comes under standard abb workouts that anyone wanting to improve this area of the body should be doing.  Normal crunches emphasize the upper abbs.  In order to do abb workouts like this first lie on your back on the floor with your legs raised across a bench or something similar.  Next curl your shoulders and rear toward your knees, making sure to round the back out.  At the top of the abb workout, squeeze the abbs to get maximum contraction, and then slowly lower the shoulders back to the ground.  Here’s a tip: when doing any abb workouts like this one make sure to go slowly in order to work the abbs harder.

Reverse Crunches -Abb workouts

Reverse crunches are great abb workouts for the lower abbs.  To do this abb workouts, lie on your back on a bench or something similar and reach behind to gather support.  Then, bring the knees up as close to the face as possible, making sure to round the back out while doing so.  At the top of the abb workouts squeeze the abbs to get maximum contraction and then slowly lower the knees to a rest position.  Try to make sure that the legs do not touch the ground at all, as your abb workouts won’t have as much effect.

Flat Bench (or Floor) Leg Raises -

This abb workout is for the lower abbs.  It is not as good as performing reverse crunches, but is a variation to use if you would like.  For abb workouts such as this, lie on your back on a flat bench or floor, and extend the legs out straight (they should not be touching the ground).  While keeping the legs as straight as possible, raise them as high as you can.  Pause at the top of the abb workout and then lower the legs slowly back to their original position.

Seated Twists -

Seated twists are good abb workouts for the obliques.  For this abb workout, sit at the end of a bench with the feet flat on the floor.  Place a light bar across the back of the shoulders and hold it with both hands.  While not moving the head, turn the upper body in one direction as far as possible.  Hold once you have reached as far as possible for a few seconds, and then turn the shoulders back to the other direction.  Abb workouts will keep the obliques tight without adding inches to the waist area if done properly.

Abb workouts for men – All the information on which abb workout i followed to get a solid six pack in 2 weeks will be posted very soon.